## User account * **[Registration and logging in](** * **[Additional functionalities](** * **[Search](** ## For authors/depositors: How to check if you can deposit your work? Before making materials available in the repository, their legal status must be determined. The basic issues that should be taken into account then are the authorship and the publication status of the work. In the case of materials created by several authors, please note that they may only be deposited in the repository upon the consent of all co-authors. By depositing materials, the author declares that such consent has been granted. In the case of published materials, the publisher often assumes the author's economic rights in the work under an agreement concluded with the author or enters into an exclusive licence agreement with the author that grants exclusive rights to use the work in specific fields of exploitation to the publisher. This information is provided in the agreement concluded with the publisher. The publisher's consent for the work to be made available in the repository is necessary if the agreement (or an exclusive licence agreement) includes provisions related to the following fields of exploitation: digital reproduction, entering into and saving to computer memory, dissemination on the Internet. The lack of consent prevents the publication of the work. **Preparation of files for deposit** For text files, the technical preparation of files is crucial for depositing them into the repository. The right description, size and format determine whether the material provided will be analysed and indexed by search engine robots, which in turn translates into the visibility of the material and the possibility of finding it on the Internet by recipients. **Publishing policies of magazines and publishers:** [Sherpa Romeo]( i [Most Wiedzy]( **[Process of depositing materials](** Due to the fact that the process of depositing materials through the editorial office requires the depositor to comply with additional formalities and takes more time, we encourage you to deposit files on your own.